Owners/Investors Frequently Solved Problems:


"How fast can you rent out our Home?"   

          It really depends on the condition of the home, the location and what you are wanting to rent it out at?  We rent homes in as little as 24 hours but we have others that can easily sit 3 to 4 weeks vacant. Remember, we are a client satisfaction oriented company, not a price oriented company, so price your rental competitively!  It's far better to price it right and have it rented in a week than let it sit a month vacant at a high price.


"I live out of town and my house is in El Paso, do I have to come to El Paso to get this going or can we do long distance?"

          We can handle all of the business through the phone and internet.  We are a very professional company that prides ourselves on innovative ways to do business.  At least 30 to 35% of our clients we've never had the pleasure of meeting face to face and we've been working with some of them for them for years and years.


"How does the process work to rent my home with your company?"

          It's too easy!  First step is coming up with the appropriate rental price.  Then when you are ready to leave, you can turn in the keys or simply put them in the lockbox we've already added to your front door.  We can then clean the home and carpets for you to make the move easier if you haven't already done so.  We will send out our professional photographer to take all pictures and start marketing the home typically within hours of the home being ready for the market.  The picture and info then goes to our marketing director who will advertise the property all over the internet at no cost to you.  We will then start showing your property until we get an application, after thoroughly reviewing it and approving the tenants, we'll have them come into our office to sign a lease and collect the security deposit from them.  We will start collecting rent from the day they move in and each month we will send that money to any account of your choosing between the 10th and 12th of each month through direct deposit.


"Who will handle the repairs on our property?"

          We have our vendors that will take care of any and all situations that could ever arise at your home.  Electricians, plumbers, roofers, appliance techs, carpet guys, paint guys, you name it guys, we have someone that will do the job for us at a great rate.


"What if I want to use our own repair guys or do the work myself?"

          Sure, we can allow you to handle some of this responsibility, however a lot of the work that we do is so inexpensive that it's not worth your time.  Plus we guarantee our work and we do 90% of our repairs the same day they are reported. 


"Do I get an invoice and when or how do I get paid?"

          We do all of our invoices each month around the 10th or 11th, this all depends on weekends and holidays.  We will always try to do our invoicing as early as possible in the month.  Within 24 hours of you receiving your monthly invoice you will get the rent money direct deposited into your account which will always be around the 12th of each month.


"Can you take over from another property management company?"

          Unfortunately in our market this is commonplace for us.  We can easily transition your financials, lease agreements and all the responsibility to our company very quickly depending on your current company's situation.  We will quickly make contact with your current tenant if it's rented and assure them we will do everything possible to make them comfortable during this transition period.  If the property is vacant we will quickly get the keys from the previous company, do an inspection, take all new pictures and get it on the market fast.


"I've been renting my property without a property management company, now I need to evict my current tenant, can you help?"

          Yes, for a small fee and a property management agreement or tenant acquisition agreement, we can handle all the eviction proceedings for you.  This includes serving a property eviction notice, turning in the property documents to the local Justice of the Peace office and going to court on your behalf.


"I've been debating purchasing a new real estate investment, can your company help?"

          Definitely, we are REALTORS and can help you purchase if you are looking or even if you've already found the property you like.  We can do a complete rental competitive market analysis on the property to let you know what we think it may rent for and give you some ideas on how to get it ready for the rental market.


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