Applicants Frequently Answered Questions:


"I have credit problems, can you work with us?"   

          Yes, we can work with anyone with bad credit as long as it's not bad rental collections.  Typically we will make the security deposit higher than normal in order to protect the owner's investment.


"Is the security deposit refundable?"

          Yes, 100% of the security deposit is completely refundable.  To ensure a full security deposit return all you have to do is clean the property appropriately, pay any fees or rent due at the end of the lease period and give us a forwarding physical address to return it to.


"Do you have any military specials?"

          We don't offer any military specials however we pre-approve all military members for our homes.  If you are active duty and want one of our homes, as long as you can afford it, we will get you into that property.


"Do your leases have a military clause?"

          Yes, all of our leases have the standard military clause.  The way a military clause works, if you receive orders anywhere from the 1st to the 31st of the current month, you must pay a full month of rent on the following month regardless of when you are leaving.


"How fast could I move into the home you have for rent?"

          If it's available when you see it then you can move in the same day as long as we've approved your application which takes a few hours and you have the security deposit and any pro-rated rent due.  Typically in El Paso it takes one day on average to connect your water and electricity, two days to connect the gas.


"We love the house you have for rent but we won't be down there for a month or two, can you hold it?"

          We can only hold a property of ours for two weeks with a security deposit. After the two weeks we will have to start charging rent.  We also don't pre-lease our homes either, that means you would have to physically walk through the property or have someone you know do a walk through of the property before we will hold a security deposit for the property.


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