Tenant Rules and Regulations

The following rules are given to all tenants which are included in their lease when they sign. All tenants are given a copy of their lease at the lease signing.

  1. Rent will be collected no later than the Third day of every month by 5:00 p.m. After 5:00 p.m. on the 3rd, there will be a one time late charge of $25.00, there will be $5.00 late charge per day until the rent is paid in full. Between the 7th and 8th of any month that rent has not been paid, a 72-hour eviction notice will be given at this point asking the tenant to pay rent or vacate.
  2. Tenants may use a variety of methods to pay their rent to include: money order, check, cashier’s check, direct deposit, allotment from military, over the phone e-check/ACH, online e-check or credit/debit card and cash only if hand delivered to office and the tenant is able to obtain a receipt. We also have a 24 hour mail slot that you can drop off the rent.
  3. Repairs are always schduled within 24 hours of being notified, if the property manager acknowledges the situation and informs tenant of the scheduled maintence period and the tenant is not home, a $45 trip charge will occur that the tenant will need to pay on the next month's rent.
  4. Rent will never increase during the lease period, after the lease period is up, the property manager does have the right to raise rent accordingly in 30-day increments.
  5. Pet Fee will be set by Property Manager and will not be returned upon vacancy.
  6. No signs, notices or advertisements shall be attached to or displayed by tenant on or about the property. Additionally, no antenna or satellite dish shall be attached to or displayed on or about the property without written approval by the property manager.
  7. Profane, obscene, loud, or boisterous language, or unseemly behavior and conduct, is absolutely prohibited, and Tenant obligates himself, and those under him, not to do or permit to be done anything that will annoy, harass embarrass, or inconvenience any of the other tenants or occupants in the subject or adjoining property.
  8. No motor vehicle shall be kept upon the property that is unlicensed, inoperable, or in damaged condition. Damaged condition includes but not limited to, flat tires. Any such vehicle that remains on the property for more than ten (10) days after notice to remove same has been placed on subject vehicle shall be towed by a wrecker service at the tenant's and/or the owner’s expense.
  9. In keeping with Fire Safety Standards, all motorized vehicles including motorcycles must be parked outside. No motorized vehicles shall be parked in any building structure on the property except authorized spaces.
  10. In Accordance with Fire Safety Standards and other safety regulations, no Tenant shall maintain, or allow to be maintained, any auxiliary heating units without prior inspection and written approval of the property manager.
  11. The sound of musical instruments, radios, and televisions shall at all times be limited in volume to a point that is not objectionable to other tenants or occupants in the subject or adjoining properties.
  12. No awning, venetian blinds, wrought iron window gates, or window guards shall be installed, except where prior approval is given by the property manager.
  13. Tenant shall not alter, replace, or add locks or bolts or install any other attachments, such as doorknockers, upon any door, except where prior approval is given by the property manager.
  14. No defacement of the interior or exterior of the buildings or the surrounding grounds will be tolerated.
  15. Any spikes, hooks or nails driven into the walls, ceilings, or woodwork shall be filled and clean upon vacating property by tenant, any defects left will cause a decrease in the security deposit refund to tenant upon vacating.
  16. It is understood and agreed that the property manager/landlord shall not be responsible for items stored in any storage areas, or backyard.
  17. Property manager has the right to immediately remove combustible material from the property or any storage area and backyard.
  18. Property Manager will furnish a minimum of one (1) key for each outside door of the property. All keys must me returned to the property manager upon termination of the occupancy.
  19. It is specifically understood that the property manager/landlord reserves solely to itself the right to alter, amend, modify, and add rules to the lease.
  20. Tenants that may need emergency assistance and cannot reach the property manger by phone have the option of sending a text message with the situation to (915) 490-9278 or (915) 256-9129