Our goal is to make the process of renting your home an enjoyable and very rewarding investment for you. See what our clients have said about our property management services...

"Four years ago, I had the opportunity to buy an investment property at a great price. I was hesitant because I was afraid of not finding the right tenant. My biggest fear was having it vacant which would mean that I would have to make the mortgage payments or renting it to the wrong family and they would destroy my house. I contacted Dale and asked him for help, to my surprise Dale found a tenant within a couple of days. More importantly Dale takes care of all the home repairs and deposits my rent into my account electronically each month. My experience with my rental has been very pleasurable because of Dale. Dale is very professional and dependable. If you are not using Northern Pass Properties as your property manager company, you are not using the best!"
- Jose A., El Paso TX

"I’ve been working with Northern Pass Properties for almost 3 years. Dale is responsible, responsive and dependable."
- Dan K., San Antonio TX

"Living out of state you have to trust and rely on your property manager and Dale Swiger is just that person. I have had multiple properties with Northern Pass Properties for over 5 years now. Recently I asked Dale to attend a hearing on my property taxes and he didn't even hesitate and handled it all for me as a courtesy. That alone speaks volumes about his customer service and someone I can rely on. I highly recommend Northern Pass Properties."
- AJ S., Aliso Viejo CA

"Dale Swiger has been very helpful and professional and courteous since day one. He answered every question I had wonderfully, and I had a lot of them. He will give you his time if you need it and I would recommend anyone who is looking to buy, sell or rent a home to use Northern Pass Properties!! You will not regret it. One of Dale's very satisfied customers, Melanie :)"
- Melanie M., Dugway UT

"It’s great to have someone in the area to manage our investment property. We have had good experiences with Dale finding qualified tenants with limited turnover. We have been very pleased with the service Northern Pass Properties has provided to us."
- Tamara O., Laguna Niguel CA

"Dale Swiger and Northern Pass Properties has been managing my single family home in El Paso for over three years now and I have been very pleased with the service and attention to detail he has given to my property. Being in the military on constant deployments has prevented me from making it back to check on my home, however I am rest assured that my property is being taken care of and it has been for the past three years. I highly recommend Dale and his team to anyone looking for a "property manager" to watch over and care about the property they leave behind."
- Edward G., US Army

"Several years ago, we purchased investment property within El Paso, Texas. Due to the fact that we do not reside within the state, we are pleased to be able to trust and rely upon Mr. Dale Swiger as our property manager. With Mr. Swiger as our property manager, we have yet to face a vacancy, a delinquency of rental fees, or troublesome tenants. On the other hand, we continue to be satisfied with effective, swift, and courteous communication, complete and precise monthly financial statements, and the steady cooperation provided by Mr. Swiger. We would never hesitate to recommend Mr. Swiger and Northern Pass Properties to any investor in need of a highly dependable and professional property manager."
- Lance and Christine A., Palm Springs, CA.