Northern Pass Properties Pet Policy

Policies are subject to change on a property-to-property basis, all pets are still subject to manager approval

Pet Policy for Single Family Homes *

Deposit starting at:

Cats: (1) $300, (2) $500, (3) $600

Dogs: (1) $300, (2) $500, (3) $600

Pet Policy for Multi-Unit Properties with No Private Yard or Multi-Units with Private Yard *

Deposit starting at:

Cats: (1) $300, (2) $500

Dogs: (10 $300, (2) $500

Plus an additional monthly Pet Rent charge starting at $15

Renters insurance will be required throughout lease term for all multi-unit properties.

Aggressive Breed List: 

(And any mixed breeds of the above mentioned, additional breeds can be added, which can vary with different insurance companies)

A current photo of your pet(s) is required when you apply

Current vet records for your pet(s) is required

*Emotional Support or Service Animals are the only exceptions to these policies and no deposits are required.   

*Please call us for specifics on a property before applying as some properties may be subject to different terms and conditions