Criteria for renting our properties

What rental properties do you currently have available?

     Although our rental properties are advertised on many different websites, the most current list of available properties is located under Homes for Rent on this website. We are constantly adding new properties, and the listings at are the first updated. Our website also has the most pictures, information and even some video tours for you to view.

Utilities; How much and which ones am I responsible for?
     Utilities are the tenant’s responsibility unless otherwise stated. Some utility companies will provide an estimate. Contact the utility company for more information.  What rental properties do you currently have available?

Does the property allow pets?
     Every property is different, as well as every owner, some properties will require a pet deposit or one time pet fee, it's best to just ask before filing out an application to understand about your particular property.

Do you allow roommates?
     Yes, however each individual roommate must be able to qualify on their own for the rental unit.

How long does it take to know if I’m approved?
     It generally takes 3 to 4 hours to process the applications depending on when we get them back from the credit bureau. Upon approval, your property manager will contact you to discuss further steps.

What do you look at during the screening process?
     We look at many different factors during our screening process. The main categories we review are:

  • Payment History

  • Criminal History

  • Credit Score

  • Personal and landlord references

  • Rent to Income Ratio

  • Past residency

  • Collection and Delinquent Accounts

  • And more…

What do you require in your application to be approved?
     We look at the overall application and go off of your FICO score to a certain degree, we also want to see how current you are with your bills now. We will ask for an explanation if there is collections from utility companies or past landlords.

Do you pull a full credit report?

Why is the application fee charged for each person?
     In order to keep our tenants safe and our owners happy, we run a credit and criminal check on every applicant 18 years of age and up.

If my application looks better…Why can’t you bump me to the front of the line?
     We abide by Fair Housing Laws. Fair Housing dictates that applications must be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. If an approved application has come in before yours, we are obligated to give them the opportunity to move in to the property first if approved.

Do you accept checks?
     Yes, however if you are doing an online application, a credit or debit card must be used for processing.

I have bad credit is that an automatic no?
     No, we consider other things like income, length of residency etc. We base our decision off of a scoring system that includes many different categories.

How long will the deposit hold the property?
     The deposit will hold the property for 2 weeks, after that you will have to start paying rent on the property unless otherwise noted from the property manager.

When can I move in?
     Typically you can move in within one day from giving your application, we want you to have utilities on in order to move in and this typically takes 24 hours.

Do you accept State funded housing programs?
     In most cases, no, however feel free to call and ask first.

Is my application fee refundable?
     We do not refund application fees for any reason.  Once you hit submit, the application has been run and processed and can not be cancelled.



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