Tenants Frequently Answered Questions:



"When is the rent due and how can I pay?"

          Rent is always due on the first, however the state of Texas requires a grace period before late charges are applied so per our leases, we give you until the third of any month, regardless of weekends or holidays.  The easiest way to pay your rent is on this website, just click the button online rent payment and pay there, we would recommend paying using your checking account rather than a debit or credit card so you can save some money.  You can pay cash if someone is in the office to give you a receipt but please call first to be safe.  You can drop a check, money order or cashier's check in our mail slot 24/7.  You can mail it in as long as it post marked by the third of the month when rent is due.  You can set us up as a bill pay through your bank or even set up an allotment if you are military.


"Can I make my own repairs and take it out of the rent?"

          Unless there is a very simple repair needed and we've thoroughly covered how this process would work, no.  We want to do all repairs to ensure it's done properly and to ensure there is a warranty provided with the service performed.  If you honestly think it's something you can do then feel free to call us to discuss.  We will not honor a deduction in rent for a repair if it has not been authorized prior to doing the repair.


"Where do I get my mailbox key?"

          Take your copy of the lease to the nearest post office and they will provide you with a key and the mailbox location.  Any charges that may apply will be a tenant's responsibility.


"I'm in the military and I'm expecting my orders to leave, what do I do?"

          There is nothing we can do until our company has a physical copy of your orders, we have to verify them.  Every lease we write has a military clause built into it that was written by the federal government.  The way it would work, if you receive your orders any time between the 1st and 31st of the month, you would have to pay a full month of rent for the following month regardless of when you vacate.  Timing is critical, bring in the orders ASAP.


"I need to move out what do I need to do?"    

          First, always refer to your lease, look through it so we can be on the same page when we discuss your move out.  Put your 30 day notice in, it can be emailed or turned into the office, make sure you have the proper dates on the notice.  It's a must that you confirm we have received it, at that point we can discuss the details.  If you are on a month to month lease then you should be good to go.  Turn in your keys and forwarding address as soon as the house is finished, they have to be turned into our office, not left at the property.  We will do an inspection once we have the keys and we do not do final walk thru inspections with tenants.  After 30 days from you turning in keys and leaving your forwarding address you should expect the security deposit return.  We won't discuss the return until you receive it in the mail.


"Who's responsible for changing out the filters of the refrigerated AC unit at the property I rent?"

          You are, the tenant has to maintain the filters with the AC unit, this is a must, before you call with a problem, make sure those filters are clean and if they aren't, change them out and give it a day before you call.  Remember that filters should be changed out monthly and dirty filters can greatly affect the way your AC unit performs.

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