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El Paso is an ever growing city that has its eye on being the world's hub for all U.S. military training.  Ft. Bliss has soldiers that will always need a good home and we hope to continue to provide those homes for them.  El Paso is growing exponentially and we would love the opportunity to show you a few rental opportunities at your convenience.  El Paso continues to build homes in almost every area of the city as well as continually revitalize our downtown and central areas making out housing options diverse and affordable.




Thank you for your interest in Northern Pass Properties. We are proud to offer the most complete and professional property management services available today. Our main goal is to protect and maximize the potential of your investment property.

Owners are always involved in all the decisions regarding maintenance, improvements and tenant issues as outlined in the property management agreement. We would like to take away the burden of managing your own property, but not take away your control. As with any successful business we are dedicated to earning your trust and respect.

Emergencies are handled on a 24 hour basis, and we may be contacted for any other problems during and after our normal working hours. Owners have a choice of handling repairs themselves or using any of the contractors they choose. If they have no preference we can suggest many skillful and licensed contractors to handle all your maintenance needs.

Northern Pass Properties is Owned by a Texas Real Estate Broker and all notices will be properly prepared and served upon the tenant. Should eviction become necessary, we can handle all the aspects of the court proceedings including tenant removal by a constable, there are no additional costs for eviction proceedings, only the court filing fee is charged to the owner.

We look forward to working with you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Northern Pass Properties is a full service property management company. We provide all the services you need to make and keep your income property a success.



      Our fees are the LOWEST!!!, not only are our monthly fees low, there are no additional charges, when you get paid, we get paid and then it's only our stated percentage.  We don't charge surcharges, we don't charge for a lease renewal, we don't charge for advertising, we don't charge for placing a tenant in the property.   We cater to our individual owners/investors.



We are one of the very best if not the best at online advertisements, we do heavy advertising on almost every internet based rental search site available.  We also market heavy on the military's own housing finder.  The bulk of advertising today is done through advertising all over the internet, most of these sites are free and when our company can find a tenant through this avenue it is completely free to the owner.


Tenant Screening

We do our best to make sure that the tenant selected will take care of your home and pay the rent on time. We screen each prospective tenant prior to occupancy. Not only do we obtain a comprehensive back ground check on each individual, specifically checking for prior evictions, we also check with past landlords and verify employment prior to occupancy.  We will run a full credit report on the head of household and go over the applicant’s trade lines and any problems with the credit as well as the applicant’s credit score.

Experience shows that it is more important to be selective in choosing a tenant. In the long run you benefit because your tenant will probably stay longer and take better care of your investment. 


Move In & Move Out Inspections

Inspections of each unit are done before the new tenants move in. Small repairs that are needed are noted and are completed promptly, also any existing normal wear and tear is noted. When the tenant moves out another inspection is completed. Any repairs deemed to be the occupant's responsibility are completed and deducted from the tenant's security deposit. The property is then cleaned and painted, if necessary and made ready for the next renter.



Tenants are informed the rent is due on the first of the month and delinquent after the third day. We make every reasonable attempt to cooperate with a good occupant to insure rental payment.  We also give our tenants every way possible to pay their rent, either through bill pay, allotment, cashier's check, money order, online ach, phone ach, online debit or credit or simply walking into our office during working hours.   Should an occupant become delinquent on the seventh day of the month, a 72 hour eviction notice would be given and turned in to the local Justice of the Peace according to Texas State Law.



We offer the flexibility of using your choice of professionals or to use our licensed, bonded and insured team selected for responsiveness, quality of work and cost efficiency.


Financial Services

Computer generated easy to understand monthly financial statements are prepared each month for you. Our services can include paying the monthly expense invoices for your property, if you choose us to. This can include mortgage payment, insurance payments, homeowner dues, real estate taxes etc. These payments are deducted from rents collected. 

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